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Dear Kind Mrs/Mr Client
If you are Retailer, Wholesaler and Bulk seller ,

FRANKINCENSE MYRRH TRADE by “Vendita e Commercio Incenso e Mirra” is a company located in Italy and works directly as import and distributor offering high quality of selected Frankincense AlHojari Boswellia Sacra resins and Essential Oils from Oman, and Myrrh and Essential Oils from Yemen. Our agency, which specializes in the Sultanate of Oman region and is headquartered in Italy, supplies the most valuable Boswellia Sacra raw resins from Oman and its derivate products.
FRANKINCENSE MYRRH TRADE through its establishment as distributor for selected companies from Sultanate of Oman, is able to supply any quantity of selected and finest Frankincense in resins and Essential Oils, Myrrh in resin and Essential Oil, and derivate products, both retail, wholesale and bulk enquiries and orders anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to sell Oman’s certain origin products of raw resin of Boswellia Sacra from Oman and both pure Frankincense Essential Oils and Frankincense Water, Myrrh and Essential Oils certain origin from Yemen, derivate products as well, and to ensure that are not mixed with products from other countries!!

The reseller area is accessible only to retailers, wholesaler, and companies that process products of frankincense and myrrh in resins, essential oils, frankincense water and derivative products.