Stock Offer Church Omani Incense Light Yellow Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Dhofar.

Stock Offer Church Omani Incense Light Yellow Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Dhofar.

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Frankincense Boswellia Sacra of Oman Light Yellow quality liturgical incense in natural resin grains is considered to be the best incense for its sweet and enveloping scented smoke that encourages liturgical meditation, the best for Religious Services into the Church, the Mosque, and for any spiritual services. 

Frankincense Boswellia Sacra of Oman incense in mixed large, medium pure resin grains of the best quality, without coloring or preservatives. These are untreated and uncolored natural resins Boswellia Sacra that last a long time when burnt with charcoal in the incense burner.

This quality of Frankincense is sold out at the moment, sorry for that, but you have the chance to see our other finest qualities of incenses (oliban) authentic Boswellia Sacra Frankincenses from Dhofar Oman, please click on the link FRANKINCENSES HOJARI BOSWELLIA SACRA OMAN INCENSE AND LUBAN
and enjoy chosen your favorite Frankincense (oliban) Boswellia Sacra from Oman! Have a wonderful aromatherapy moment!


Price 500 gr. Euro 27,00 ( VAT included )
Price 1 Kg. Euro 49,00 (VAT included)

This stock of approx 4 kg of Boswellia Sacra Hojari Frankincense in Light Yellow quality is a remainder from 2022. The resin grains have not lost their properties but are slightly less fragrant than a fresh stock, so we sell it at a very advantageous price and consider it suitable for burning with charcoal in censers and censers burner.

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Priests choose our natural Frankincense resins from Dhofar Oman precisely because they consider them to be the best because they give off a sweet fragrance that wafts through the church, relaxes and predisposes their faithful to a positive prayer experience.
We import a selection of pure raw resin incense of the Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Oman quality directly from the Sultanate of Oman.

If you are looking for church incense in grains offerings, we have also another qualities of Boswellia Sacra Frankincense resins at a very affordable price and are very good for burning on charcoals with censers for religious services.

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Allow yourself to be exited by the elevated fragrances that distinguish the authentic Frankincense Boswellia Sacra Oman from other incenses.
Take some time to imagine how useful our fine Oman Boswellia Sacra resin Frankincense can be to you, and start your order, or contact us for more information, please!


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