Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Brown Resin Tears from Dhofar, Oman. Wholesale Omani Luban Boswellia Sacred.

Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Brown Resin Tears from Dhofar, Oman. Wholesale Omani Luban Boswellia Sacred.

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Delivery: Express and Standard to Europe and ExtraUE.

Sale of Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense of certain origin from Oman in resin tears Brown color: mix grade grains, the best quality.

Incense (luban) in resin Alhojari Boswellia Sacra (frankincense) of certain origin from Oman, imported from the Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman. Frankincense Al Hojari of pure and natural grains resin collected and hand-selected from the Boswellia Sacra trees.

We trade in Omani Frankincense (incense) Boswellia Sacra for both retail, wholesale and bulk Incense sales.

The frankincense Boswellia Sacra in resin from Oman is considered the finest frankincense quality in the world due to the highest percentage of the oleogum resin components and to the highest percentage of Boswellic Acid AKBA from 4,66 to 5,68 %.
The main active components of  Boswellia Sacra Frankincense from Oman: Boswellic Acid A.K.B.A. , Pinene, Incensyl Acetate, Mircene, Sabinene, D-Limonene.

Our Al Hojari incense (frankincense) raw resin from Oman is pure, natural and without any conservatives or dyes.

GRADE: Luban Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense from Oman in resin: grade Brown mix grains. The best quality.

Pack 50 grams Euros 9.50 ( including Italian VAT 22% )
Pack 100 grams Euros 18.00 ( including Italian VAT 22% )

Pack 200 grams Euros 34.00 ( including Italian VAT 22% )
Pack 500 grams and for kilograms on request.

Packs with resealable bag for food contact. To ensure maximum conservation of the Boswellia Sacra Incense, put the Omani Frankincense tears in a glass vase or paper sachet. If you would like to enjoy the fragrance, leave the vase and sachet with frankincense resin open!

We ship by courier and we communicate the exact shipping cost based on the weight of the parcel, the distance and the type of shipping.

For placing an order of Frankincense, please go to the booking form “add to basket” or “wishing list”. For more information, please email us or call & write us by phone or Whats App, see the page “Contact Us”.

Take some time to imagine how useful our finest products can be to you, let yourself passionate by the aroma that distinguish authentic Frankincense Boswellia Sacra Dhofar from other incenses!

Take the advantage of having the best aromatherapy for you and your love ones and start placing your order now, or contact us at the contact details indicated.

Luban Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Frankincense (incense) from Oman the best quality of light Red mix grains for sale.

Frankincense in raw resin grains Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra of certai origin from Oman, the finest quality and provenance from Dhofar, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman, Alhojari incense of pure and natural raw resin grains white rich of Boswellic Acid A.K.B.A. and without dyes and preservatives, collected and hand-selected by our suppliers in Oman. Sales of Frankincense for wholesale and retail.
Natural pure raw resin Al Hojari incense Boswellia Sacra imported from Oman in Dhofar, Salalah.

The Frankincense Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Oman is a rare and the most precious incense in the world.
For centuries the frankincense of Oman has been considered the excellence for the finest fragrance and for the precious quality of its Essential Oils compounds.

Our mission is to sale Oman's certain origin products of raw resin of Boswellia Sacra from Oman, both pure Frankincense Essential Oils and Frankincense Water, Myrrh and Essential Oils from Yemen and derivate products, as well.
Our products come all from our selected partners from Sultanate of Oman.
The selection of the products and the partners is based on our long experience in the Sultanate of Oman country, our long research and a careful evaluation of the products.
The selection of the partners is also based by their capability to give the certification that guarantee the origin of the raw resins and essential oils that come from Oman and Yemen and to ensure that are not mixed with products from other countries!!

Frankincense Al Hojari from Oman is a natural resin that is harvested from Boswellia Sacra trees, it grows in the plains, in the wadis, on the hills and mountains of Dhofar, the Southern region of Oman which its capital is Salalah. The quality of the frankincense Boswellia Sacra is based on the area where it grows as well as the harvest period.

The harvest of the Frankincense resin from the Boswellia Sacra incense tree, the selection of the grains and processing is done by hand by expert men and women.

Our practices are sustainable: we cooperate and import directly with the best Omani artisan partners!! We have chosen to work with Omani artisan and not with big trade broker companies. The frankincense resins are harvested from the local Boswellia Sacra trees. In Oman the Boswellia Sacra trees are protected by the strict law and controlled by the local authority. There is an important sustainable project to protect the Boswellia Sacra trees by the Sultanate of Oman. That’s why we have chosen to work with selected local Omani partners that guarantee us the Oman’s certain origin of the products!
Our Partners are company regularly registered with the license to produce and trades at the Trade Chamber of Sultanate of Oman.



AROMATHERAPY with incense AL HOJARI BOSWELLIA SACRA in resin tears from Oman, well-being and pampering yourself: put some grains of frankincense resin Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra on the incense burner, add a bit of water and light the candle.

Slowly the water heats up and the resin melts, the water vapor soaked in the essence of Incense Oil Alhojari perfumes the room, giving you a relaxing atmosphere and physical and mental benefits. Aromatherapy with incense al Hojari Boswellia Sacra is an excellent experience to pampering and have harmony yourself, and also to have relax when you feel tired and stressed. Aromatherapy it’s good to perfume and sanitize rooms, as well!

We suggest adding Myrrh Incense grains as a mixture to increase the effect of the benefits and the fragrances.

BOILING INCENSE AL HOJARI BOSWELLIA SACRA: for those who do not like burnt incense, boiling incense is an excellent solution that I really appreciate, for its sweet, intense and pleasant aroma.
Boiled incense is great for relaxing by breathing in the scent of natural oils that melt with the heat and radiate into the room, and it is great to perfume and sanitize rooms !! Frankincense boiled is good solution to keep away mosquitoes from the room.
Use a steel saucepan and boil some natural water. Then, when the water boils, put a few grains of Frankincense Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra incense. Let the flame boil slowly for about 20 minutes or even more, depending on the quantity of water and grains of incense. At the end, let the water cool and clean the saucepan with a sponge to remove resin residues.

Personally, I like the incense Boswellia sacra boiled in water and as aromatherapy to perfume and sanitize office and home, for the pleasure of living in a pleasant, relaxing and sanitized environment.

BURNING THE FRANKINCENSE WITH CHARCOALS: put the grains of incense in resin Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra of Oman on the charcoal, which is already burning in the incense burner, to make them burn slowly enhancing their unique and particular fragrance. A few grains are enough and it burns for a long time. When the Frankincense Al hojari Boswellia Sacra in resin burns, it does not melt like the other incense resins, but it burns releasing an intense scent with a sweetly resinous fragrance. It’s a nice experience to add, at our Al Hojari incense, some grains of Myrrh to increase the effect of the fragrance and the benefits.
We suggest not to breathe the fumes emitted directly and to ventilate the rooms before staying there. To burn incense is great for perfuming and sanitizing home and office rooms! Keep the incense burner and the charcoals away from children, people and flammable material.

FRANKINCENSE AND USE WITH THE SURGICAL MASK: take a grain of the purest and finest Green frankincense Boswellia Sacra or Al Hojari frankincense Boswellia Sacra from Oman, rub it into the inner part of the mask that rests on the nose and mouth or alternatively put a drop of Frankincense Essential Oil Al Hojari Boswellia Sacra Oman and wear the mask ... the scent of the Frankincense Boswellia Sacra from Oman facilitates breathing by freeing the nose and giving you a pleasant and relaxing experience.

mosquitoes don’t like frankincense scent! Burn or boil on the incense burner some grains of frankincense Boswellia Sacra Oman in the room … the scent will keep away the mosquitoes.
A nice way is to keep in the room an open glass vase full of Frankincense tears Boswellia Sacra or a bowl full of frankincense resin and the scent will keep out the mosquitos, as well !!
Keep the incense burner and the charcoals away from children, people and flammable material. We suggest not to breathe the fumes emitted directly and to ventilate the rooms before staying there

Please note: If you have any allergies, intolerances and hypersensitiveness, pregnancy or existing illnesses, we ask you to inquire with a doctor or specialist before purchasing and using our products. The information written in the texts about the application, and the results achieved or the effect of the product, are not scientifically valid claims and scientifically proven effects, are not therapeutic medical scientific statement. Any medical uses are not ascertained by official medicine. Contraindications: allergies, intolerances and hypersensitiveness to the products and serious heart and vascular diseases. Any use of the products is with the responsibility of the user.


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