Essence Oil Burner for Essential Oil and wax made with White Ceramic. AllubanSacra

Essence Oil Burner for Essential Oil and wax made with White Ceramic. AllubanSacra

10,50 Italian VAT included


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Practical White Ceramic Essence Burner for Essential Oils and Candles. AllubanSacra.

Price 10,50€ per single Oil Essence Burner (Italian VAT included).

There are 4 models available as in the photographs n.1 n.2 n.3 n.4 and for each model 2 pieces Scented oil burners .

To complete your purchase with our very fine Frankincense Hojari Boswellia Sacra Luxury Grade 1 Essential Oil click here

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Essence burners: care must be taken not to leave the candle burning unattended and unsupervised, do not expose to draughts, do not leave within reach of children, may cause burns. Place them on stable surfaces that will not be damaged by heat. If you use them to burn resins, do not breathe in the fumes directly and ventilate the room.

How can you use our essence burners with essential oil and candle ?

Essence burners with essential oils and Frankincense and Myrrh resins, are devices used to diffuse the aromas of essential oils into the environment through heat. Here is how to use them:

Add water into the concave part of the Essence Burner: Before using the essence burner, make sure it is clean and dry. Add clean water into the concave part, without exceeding the maximum limit.

Add essential oils: Add a few drops of essential oils to the water. You can use one or more essential oils, depending on the desired aroma and properties. Keep in mind that some essential oils are more concentrated and powerful than others, so add a few drops at a time and adjust the amount according to your preference.

Light the candle or lamp: place the candle, like a wax lamp, inside the essence burner (or mouth). Light the candle of the essence burner. Make sure to place the essence burner on a stable, heat-resistant surface, not exposed to direct draughts to avoid the risk of fire or damage.

The quality of the candle wax makes all the difference to the fragrance of the Essential Oil, a good quality wax does not smell of chemicals and does not alter the fragrance of the Essential Oil or Frankincense and Myrrh resin, click here to see our wax candle

Enjoy the aroma: As the water heats up, the essential oils will vaporize into the air, spreading their aroma into the room. Relax and enjoy the fragrance as it fills the room.

Switch off carefully: Once you have finished using it, carefully extinguish the candle and allow the essence burner to cool down before handling it or draining any residual water.

It is important to follow the specific instructions for safe and effective use. Make sure to use high-quality essential oils and avoid leaving the essence burner unattended while it is lit. Out of reach of children, be careful to touch the essence burner when the candle is lit and just after extinguishing it as the ceramic may burn.

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