Bowl Terracotta Incense Holder For Frankincense Tears, Handcraft Incense Burning.

Bowl Terracotta Incense Holder For Frankincense Tears, Handcraft Incense Burning.

6,006,50 Italian VAT included


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Handcraft small Terracotta Bowl Incense Burning made of clay (terra-cotta) for Boswellia Sacra Frankincense in resin tears and for aromatherapy.

This smal incense burner bowl is made of terra cotta black or brown and is hand-decorated by indonesian artisans who work according to the ancient artisan manufacture of the Indonesia. 

For greater charcoal yield we suggest using the charcoal mesh holder.

Our steel charcoal mesh holder for charcoal tablet is robust and produced in Italy, place the charcoal mesh holder on the censer then place it on top of the charcoal, and once lit, place the grains of incense and myrrh resin.

The steel mesh holder for charcoals is very practical because it can be used in incensers burner, it lets the charcoal breathe and reduces the effect of the heat that the lit charcoal transmits to the censer.
With the steel mesh holder it is not necessary to use charcoal sand.

– Bowl terra cotta (clay) Incense Burner price 6,00 Euros (Italian VAT included)

– Bowl Terracotta (clay)  Incense Burner + Steel Charcoal Burner Holder price 12,00 Euros (Italian VAT included)

When ordering the Bowl Terracotta Incenser, specify whether you prefer it in black or brown color.

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These incense burners do not comply with fire regulations, so be careful and do not leave the burning coal inside the incenser without your supervion, do not leave it within the reach of children, it could cause burns. Do not breathe the fumes directly and ventilate the rooms.