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Myrrh incense from Yemen imported from Sultanate if Oman. Our Yemeni Myrrh resin is pure and natural without preservatives and dyes, harvested directly from the Commiphora Mirrha trees that grow in Yemen, the myrrh grain selection and processing is done by hand by well experienced Yemeni.

We sales Yemen Myrrh in grains of natural resin extracted from the Commiphora Mirrha tree, which grows in Yemen, imported from Oman. Sales resine of Myrrh Retail and Wholesale Incense of Myrrh.

Myrrh Incense from Yemen imported from Sultanate of Oman.

GRADE: Medium and large sized grains of Yemen Myrrh resin of the best quality.

Price 100 grams Euros 17.50 ( including Italian VAT 22% )
Price 50 grams Euros 09.00 ( including Italian VAT 22% )

Packs 200 grams, 500 grams and per kilo on request.

Packs with resealable pouches for food contact. To ensure maximum conservation put the Myrrh in a box and to enjoy the Myrrh fragrance leave the box or bags open.
 - We ship by courier and we communicate the shipping cost in accordance to weight of the order, distance and the type of shipping.

 - For placing an order of Myrrh and Frankincense and for more information, please go to the booking form and then please specify the wished Frankincense grade and the quantity you wish to buy.

Our Yemen Myrrh in resin is pure and natural without preservatives and dyes, harvested directly from the Commiphora Mirrha trees that grow in Yemen and the grain selection and processing is done by hand by well experienced Yemeni.
Myrrh has always been used throughout history as incense and as a natural perfume, as an antiseptic for environments. It is written in the Bible, that since ancient times, that Myrrh has been used for the treatments of skin sores, wounds and as an anti-inflammatory for inflammation of the oral cavity, stomach and intestines, to treat musculoskeletal joints. In many populations, Myrrh is still used alone and combined with Boswellia Sacra incense, or with other medical substances in herbal treatments, medicines and cosmetics.


AROMATHERAPY with MIRRA resin in grains: put some grains of our resin of Yemen Myrrh in the burner, add a little water and light the candle.
Slowly the water heats up and the resin melts, the water vapor soaked in the essence of Myrrh perfumes the room, giving you a relaxing atmosphere and physical and mental benefits. Aromatherapy with Myrrh is an excellent experience when you feel cooled, tired and stressed, to perfume and sanitize rooms!
We suggest adding Al Hojari Incense grains from Oman to increase the effect of the benefits and the fragrances.

BOILING MIRRA INCENSE: for those who do not like burnt incense, boiling our Myrrh incense is an excellent solution that I really appreciate, for its sweet, intense and pleasant aroma.
Boiled Myrrh incense is great for relaxing by breathing in the scent of natural oils that melt with the heat and radiate into the room, and it is great to perfume and sanitize rooms !!
Use a steel saucepan, boil some natural water, when the water boils put a few grains of our Yemen Myrrh incense, leave the flame boil slowly for about 20 minutes, and even more, depending on the quantity of water and grains of incense. At the end, let the water cool, clean the saucepan with a sponge to remove resin residues.

Personally, I like Yemen Myrrh boiled in water, and in aromatherapy to perfume and sanitize office and home, for the pleasure of living in a pleasant, relaxing and sanitized environment.

BURNING THE MYRRH INCENSE WITH CHARCOALS: put some of our grains of Yemen Myrrh resin on the charcoal that is already burning, to make them burn slowly to enhance their unique and particular fragrance. A few grains are enough and it burns for a long time. The Myrrh resin burns releasing an intense scent with a sweetly resinous fragrance. It is a nice experience to add at the Myrrh some grains of our Al Hojari incense grains from Oman to increase the effect of the fragrance and the benefits.
We suggest not to breathe the fumes emitted directly and to ventilate the rooms before staying there. Great for perfuming and sanitizing  home and office environments !

Please note: If you have any allergies and intolerances and hypersensitiviness, pregnancy or existing illnesses, we ask you to inquire with a doctor or specialist before purchasing and use our products. The information written in the texts about the application, and the results achieved or the effect of the product, are not scientifically valid claims and scientifically proven effects, are not therapeutic medical scientific statement. Any medical uses are not ascertained by official medicine. Contraindications: allergies and intolerances and hypersensitiviness to the products, and serious heart and vascular diseases. Any use of the products is with the responsibility of the user.